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Valicon d.o.o - International price elasticity for medical-veterinary products for protecting pets from fleas and ticks

Puratos Bulgaria - Consumption of bread products prepared with starter 

Roza Email - The enameled cookware market from the perspective of end users and traders. Attitudes and use. Segmentation of potential users.

Balkan Milk Products - Cheese products consumption 

Trend-Budapest Marketing - Awareness and use of the Sony brand 

Valicon d.o.oMarket shares of Bulgarian financial institutions

Maxima Bulgaria - Purchasing habits of the adult population and specifics of the services provided in grocery stores

Metro Cash and Carry Bulgaria - Изследване сред потребителите на "Моят магазин" и на други малки магазини Consumer survey among customers of "Moyat magazin" and other small grocery stores

ARGANA TradingThe sugar market in Bulgaria