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Administration of Council of Ministers - Media monitoring and content analysis as a part of the project "Monitoring and evaluation of the Communication Strategy of the National Strategic Reference Framework and the Communication plan of Operational Programme Technical Assistance

Ministry of Economy -  Three waves of B2B surveys regarding the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Annual Action Plan of Operational Programme Innovation and Competitiveness in relation to the implementation of the National Communication Strategy for the programming period 2014-2020. Evaluation of the level of satisfaction with the information days aimed at promoting the programme. 

Ministry of Finance/ Administration of Council of Ministers - Monitoring and evaluation of the Communication plan and the activities related to the publicity and information provided on Operational Programme Technical Support 

Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism - Media monitoring and content analysis in print and electronic media of publications and broadcasts related to Operational Programme Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy 2007-2013

Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds - Assessment of the awareness and attitudes towards the egyptian vulture among the target groups in key areas part of the Natura 2000 network

Ministry of Tourism - Supporting the planning of effective advertising campaigns in order to increase the interest towards Bulgaria as a tourist destination and to attract local and foreign tourists

Ministry of Economy and Energy - Asessing the effectiveness of the national marketing in 2012 and 2013 as part of the project "Marketing surveys, analysis and methodologies for assessing the effectiveness of the national marketing, development and update of strategies"

Varshets Municipality - Monitoring the effectiveness, attractiveness and informativeness of the advertising materials, developed within the project "Support for the development of regional tourist product and marketing of the tourist destionation Varshets, Berkovitsa, Godech"

Science And Education For Smart Growth Operational Programme - Information needs of target audiences of the Operational Programme "Science and Education for Smart Growth" 2014-2020 

Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority - Evaluation of "Become an air traffic controller"campaign effectivness and developing of recommendations for further campaigns

Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company - National report on the existing plans and strategies related to the Danube-Black sea Region development