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Commission for Consumer Protection - Needs and limitations of the Bulgarian enterprises in the field of consumer protection as a part of the project "Increasing the efficacy of the services provided by the Comission for Consummer protection to Bulgarian enterprises" financed by Operational Programme Innovations and Competetiveness 2014-2020

ERETBO SA - Qualitative and quantative study among construction companies 

National Revenue Agency - Compliance with tax and social security obligations

National Company Industrial Zones - Attitudes among Bulgarian business and selected European countries towards investments in industrial zones. Overview of the market environment and recommendations for effective measures to overcome barriers and increase investment interest 

Ministry of Economy - Four waves of quantitative surveys among Bulgarian business representatives on the level of awareness and image of Operational Programme Innovations and Competetiveness 2014-2020 

University of Finance, Business and Enterpreneurship - Consultancy services and B2B survey execution as a part of the project "Improving the quality of education and scientific research in the field of business engeneering to build an economy based on knowledge, innovations and finance", financed by Operational Programme Human Resource Development 2007-2013

Five Consult - Quantitative survey among farmers, aimed to identify the most commonly used sources for information

Market Insight - Cultivation practices and herbicide use among sunflower producers